If you have only a few locations or branch locations all over the U.S., the benefits by changing just the electrical consumption for all of these locations can be extraordinary. Consider just one illuminated sign at each location and the expense of supplying electricity to it on an annual basis, you begin to see the reality of the amounts of money wasted by an inefficient sign. Below is an example of one typical sign at one location:
The example outlines a typical [10 letters] sign with 24” illuminated channel letters [neon] versus Gelcore™ LED’s with low-voltage energy system with and without solar energy and battery back-up systems. As follows:

            NEON ILLUMINATION/120V                                  Tetra™LED ILLUMINATION/.05V            <88% More Efficient
      Watts used: 5,318 watts  654 watts                                Wattage savings: 4,664 watts
        Annual cost: $3,028.17  $372.44                                       1 year savings: 2,655.73

Multiply that number by the actual quantity of signs and your electrical savings per year

becomes exponential when multiplying several signs at each location.
The average amortizations rate for each sign averages 16 to 20 months. After this period,

the costs are deferred and you’ll actually start earning money on your signs!
How does Solar Energy fit into this system?
Solar energy has been around for many decades. From lighting homes to running

automobiles, we have applied this technology to just about everything that has

electricity as its driving power source. ECOSIGN has engineered a technology to work in

conjunction with LED lights from GE™ and developed a reliable component to attach to

signs and make them work solely on their own without the necessity of electricity.
Your signs could effectively have these systems installed and realize 100% freedom from electricity and the costs involved to run all of your signs. The numbers calculated here are accurate within .04% based on your sign specifications and locations. 

*Individual Results May Vary

Imagine your signs running 100% on their own without having electricity.

We know how important your image is and that is why we we're one of the first companies offering a unique application of solar energy to signs.

Affordable up front costs and integration with amortization returns within a few years translates into huge savings for your bottom line.

Our proprietary solar system is engineered and fabricated specific to your signs giving you 100% assurance your sign will be lit at night if the power goes out and, you'll be the one saving hundreds of dollars each year!

*Amortization rates may vary.

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